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Bike Accident Lawyers

Bike Accident Lawyers

Author: Fabian Toulouse

If you are a motorcyclist, the statistics reveal that you are highly likely to be involved in an accident at some point in your life. No matter how experienced a rider you are, it is all too easy to find yourself in the path of a driver who does not see you there.


Visibility is a problem you can do little about besides donning vivid clothing and making sure your headlight is on. Car and truck drivers have a great many distractions, such as road signs, flashing lights, cell phones, iPods, crying babies, and squabbling kids. Motorcycles are comparatively tiny and, as faulty drivers would have everyone believe, prone to appearing out of thin air.

So if you are a careful biker and have still managed to find yourself the victim of a crash, stay calm and follow a few straightforward tips. Get names, contact numbers, insurance information, and license plate numbers from all drivers involved. If you have a camera, capture a few photos of of the scene.

Do not forget to get the names, contact information, and license numbers from any witnesses. Asking and writing down what they saw is a good idea, but it is never advisable to say much yourself; it would be admissible as evidence later, and you never want to risk compromising your case by a careless word or something said in the distressing aftermath of a wreck. If the damage looks like it will cost over $500, it is advisable to involve the police.

Seek medical help immediately. The thing most people kick themselves over later is not visiting a doctor immediately after a wreck, then having the injury finally show itself weeks later, When this happens, it is a simple matter for the other driver to argue that your injuries were not were not incurred in the accident.

Finally, find the help of a reputable bike accident lawyer. A motorcycle lawyer will fight for you like a lion, usually garnering a much higher settlement and freeing you of all the hassles involved in gaining restitution after a wreck.

If you\'re in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer, be sure you contact a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer.



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