Why Do I Need A Lawyer 


ÖThinking about Defending Yourself in a court of law? Being Your Own Attorney in The Courtroom

Being Your Own Attorney in The Courtroom

Is there a way to Survive an Encounter With an American Courtroom?


Understand the nature of the court action and what kind of legal representation you need, if any.

In the U.S.A. , attorneys can practice any sort of law, but many specialize. In some countries, they have "Barristers" as well as different kinds of attorneys. They are limited in the kind of law they practice.

The best way for a nonlawyer or a Pro-Se to survive the courtroom is to avoid it altogether -- by settling your dispute or arranging to have it diverted to mediation.

If these strategies fail, however, youíll have to either hire a lawyer or take the time to bring yourself up to speed on legal procedures.

Fortunately, it isnít too difficult to learn the court basics about bringing or defending a case in court -- and here are the right resources below:

1. Prepare a trial notebook.

2. Meet your deadlines.

3. Watch some other trials.

4. Choose a judge or jury trial.

5. Learn the ropes, read, study.

6. Learn the elements of your case.

7. Make sure your evidence is admissible.

8. Research at the law library.

9. Be respectful, and listen.

10. Don't interrupt.

11. Assert yourself in a timely manner.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gives a press conference at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on July 13, 2016 (AFP Photo/John Thys)


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