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Immigration And Remediation

Immigration And Remediation

Author: Chris Channing


If a citizen of another country wishes to live or work in the United States, they have to pass various different laws and restrictions to get there. Even those who are natural born citizens or naturalized citizens are terrorized by individuals who do not know that they are legally in the United States. This is becoming a very large program and promotion of racism and other negative practice ensues.

The more that illegal immigration occurs, the more force is going to be put in to stop it. This means wasted money on projects that are not going to effectively prevent immigrants from coming in illegally. One of the problems that make money issues harder is that the people that receive the money do not use it correctly to build fences and other forms of border control. Many of the people involved embezzle the funds into personal projects or buy themselves rewards for helping in the effort.

Many immigrants just want to come to the United States for work opportunities. They do not know that you can make many, many more times the amount they make at the minimum hourly wages or even less than that sometimes by getting properly educated and correct immigration legality.

If you cannot provide the legal documents that allow you to stay in this country while being an immigrant, you have the chance of being deported to your home land, if you are unlucky, you will be deported somewhere else because of racial profiling. This can really make matters worse for you if you are in a new place without a way to reach family that you left behind in the United States.

Security is not really the issue here. Many times the concept of security and related forms of government interaction are just ways to divert attention from what is really going on behind the scenes. News and the media help to draw attention away from important matters as well as providing many false claims and misinforming the North American citizens about immigration practices.

Taking the right steps towards becoming a citizen or legally allowed to enter the country should be in the government\'s best interest. Going into Mexico and setting up booths and information about how to enter the country legally will help those who wish to enter legally and hopefully prevent the loss of lives through desert and ocean.

Closing Comments

News about immigration is always being circulated. Many different laws are passed to keep people out, but it just promotes entering illegally by setting restrictions that are impossible to get through legally.

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