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Responsibilities Of An Immigration Law Attorney

Responsibilities Of An Immigration Law Attorney


Author: Steven Roberts

Anyone who has gone through the immigration process knows how time consuming and complicated immigration law can be. If you have enough time and know where to look, it\'s possible to find all the information you need to take the right steps to become a citizen. However, immigration laws change rapidly. What may be proper procedure today is quickly outdated tomorrow.

Since immigration law is extremely complex and ever changing, it\'s in a person\'s best interest to consult with an immigration law attorney. Immigration law attorneys are responsible for staying completely up to date on all aspects of immigration law, and helping those seeking to immigrate.

An immigration law attorney has many responsibilities when working with a client. Here\'s a closer look at exactly what an immigration law attorney does ...

First, an immigration law attorney should offer a free consultation to determine if there is a comfort level between client and attorney. The immigration law attorney will conduct an interview or fact finding session with the potential client in order to determine the overall situation. In immigration law, it\'s rare that two cases are exactly the same, so it\'s important you have an immigration law attorney who is patient, thorough, and makes sure you understand what will happen next.

The next step for an immigration law attorney is to begin the immigration paperwork process. This is often a lengthy and complicated step. As such, it\'s very important that the client has a general understanding of what paperwork needs to be filed, by when, and by whom. The client should begin to become educated about the immigration law process, with the immigration law attorney helping them along the way.

Also, the immigration law attorney is responsible for understanding 100% of the pertinent facts in a client\'s situation. This is critical. The immigration law attorney will be responsible for working directly with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) so it\'s vitally important the immigration law attorney is extremely thorough and extracts all necessary information from the client.

The INS is responsible for keeping out aliens with a criminal history, and it is the immigration law attorney\'s role to find out if their client is being completely direct and forthright. It\'s in the immigration law attorney\'s best interest to do so, as there are severe penalties for both immigration law attorneys and their clients for withholding or falsifying important information.

Last, it\'s the immigration law attorney\'s responsibility to move the immigration case forward and communicate status to the client. Immigration cases have a habit of stalling and dragging on for months and even years. The immigration law attorney has a responsibility to be prompt, aggressive, and an advocate for the client.

To summarize, it is extremely important to find the right immigration law attorney. Make sure you have the right immigration law attorney for your needs. Immigration law is very specialized, so your case needs to match up with the immigration law attorney\'s expertise. A good match in this regard plus an open, honest dialogue between client and immigration law attorney will undoubtedly ensure a successful immigration case.

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