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Justice For All -- Proposal for Washington State

Justice For All -- Proposal for Washington State




"A statewide report, however, showed 80 percent of low-income individuals in Washington facing a critical legal need do so without legal assistance each year."Stanley A. Bastian, President WSBA (December 7th, 2007) The next constitutional right from which all Washingtonians must benefit if health is to be a priority is our basic right to equal and meaningful access to civil justice and the courts, which means, for civil parties who can not afford the costs of Justice, the State would have to provide, via public expense, like it does for criminal indigents, a free attorney, free court fees and free execution of the decision fees.

Subsidiarity, better public legal libraries and free public and civic pro se (self-representation) training work-shops on civil procedure, tort law, family law and the like is also needed so that the State can save funds on behalf of those non professionals who decide to be their own litigator. While promoting the principle of "enlightened self-sovereignty". Moreover, internationally recognized legal standards require the respect of this birth-right. As do our two Constitutions (For the evidence, see the candidate's book preface on this issue). THE PROBLEM AND THE FACTS:

Annually, in the Nation, seventy to eighty percent of the civil legal needs of the modest income citizens go unmet. In the State, the Washington State Bar Association's president, Stanley Bastian, reports 80 percent for Washington State's modest income group, "facing a critical legal need do so without legal assistance each year." (see evidence), while over 50 million Americans have no access to any civil justice.

Many mid-income familes also prefer to refrain from vindicating their rights because of the expenses of the Justice system and the constraints and risks of the contingency fee agreement system. For the pro ses parties who decide to take on their cases themselves, the system is oppressive.

Olympia's State Supreme Court has ruled that represented parties and un-represented parties who can not afford an attorney must be treated in the same manner, that which violates Judicial canons, our Constitutions and common sense.

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