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Trump ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in lawsuit brought by jilted painter | Miami Herald

While developer Donald Trump was busy getting the Republican Party’s presidential nomination this week, he was losing big in a Miami-Dade County courtroom. By JOSE LAMBIET


As Court Fees Rise, The Poor Are Paying The Price

In Augusta, Ga., a judge sentenced Tom Barrett to 12 months after he stole a can of beer worth less than $2. In Ionia, Mich., 19-year-old Kyle Dewitt caught a fish out of season; then a judge sentenced him to three days in jail. In Grand Rapids, Mich.


FBI — Public Corruption: Courtroom for Sale

In a case that exposed widespread corruption in a South Texas county’s judicial system—reaching all the way to the district attorney’s office—a former state judge was recently sentenced to six years in prison for


Chad Johnson gets 30 days in jail, judge miffed after lawyer butt-slap - CBSSports.com

Here's a pretty good rule of thumb for the next time you're in court facing probation violation charges: don't slap your lawyer on the butt while the judge is speaking. It might get you in trouble. (I also don't recommend busting out finger gunz&


Former state lawmaker leads Mont. courtroom fracas

A Montana judge walked out of a court hearing after being heckled by a rowdy crowd, leaving the conservative former state legislator who instigated it all to declare he was in charge of the courtroom and proclaim the case against him dismissed.


Little reaction from Ariz. shooter to sentencing

Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords hugged her husband after a judge sentenced the man who shot her and killed six people to life in prison.


You've Never Heard a Judge Scream Like This In a Courtroom

A West Virginia pastor who was recently on the receiving end of a volatile outburst by an incensed family court judge said he is not ready to forgive and forget. "It's not a done deal. It's not over. It's still going on," Arthur Hage, pastor of Hurrica