Why Do I Need A Lawyer 


What type of lawyer do you need? What type of lawyer do you need?

What type of lawyer do you need?

Maybe a specialized attorney might be best? Many attorneys specialize in one type of law. Other lawyers handle a wide range of matters. I would prefer a Boston Legal Attorney myself. (Just kidding...)

You want to hire an attorney who has expertise to represent you effectively with respect to your legal problem. There are Attorneys for: injury - accident, immigration,drugs, bankruptcy lawyers, adoption, real estate, estate, corporation...

Defense and Prosecution are the two points. You can break it down into more types depending on the situation, like civil, criminal, etc. However, what it comes down to is someone arguing for a point and one arguing against that point. It is almost like a game with your money or life at stake.

This is from lawyers.com "Knowing a bit about the law will help you become a smarter legal consumer. From agricultural law to zoning and land use - from family law to taxation and more, our group provides incredibly useful information that can empower you to make better decisions with respect to your legal problems."

It sounds like Attorney training may take years to get good at a particular niche. Choose your attorney carefully. They can eat up $5000 quickly and all you get is a burp. Sorry, but I've been there. Don't let doctors or attorneys intimidate you. You are the boss and it is your money.Ask questions.

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